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elni Review

elni Review is the double-blind peer reviewed journal of the Environmental Law Network International. It is distributed once or twice a year.

It publishes articles on environmental law, focussing on European and international environmental law as well as recent developments in the EU Member States. It is published by ├ľko-Institut (the Institute for Applied Ecology), IESAR (the Institute for Environmental Studies and Applied Research, hosted by the University of Applied Sciences in Bingen) and sofia (the Society for Institutional Analysis, located at the University of Darmstadt). The Coordinating Bureau is currently hosted by the University of Bingen. elni encourages its members to submit articles to the Review in order to support and further the exchange and sharing of experiences with other members.

If you wish to subscribe to the Review, please fill out the membership form.

If you want to submit an article please consider our guideline for authors.


Recent Topics:

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