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Current discussions on the proposal for an Industrial Emissions Directive: Stronger role for Best Available Techniques?

Christian Schaible

elni Review 2009, Issue 2,  pp. 83-85.

In December 2007, the Commission presented its proposal for an Industrial Emissions Directive (IE-D).
The proposal revises the IPPC Directive and integrates 6 sectoral directives into the Industrial Emissions
Directive as annexes. The sectoral directives address Large Combustion Plants, Solvents, Waste Incineration and Titanium Dioxide. IPPC is the centre piece of this legislation, covering about 44,000 of the biggest industry installations. It is estimated that these installations are responsible for 83% of SO2, 55% VOC, 34% NOx and 25% of dioxins and mercury emissions in the EU, for example. Total annual damage costs relating to 5 key pollutants are estimated at between 53-164 billion EUR (health costs). This article summarizes current discussions on the proposal.

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