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elni Highlights

This category provides outstanding works, which were made up by elni members.


  • Compatibility of the French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific with the Euratom-Treaty
    This report was prepared by the Öko-Institut in Germany for Greenpeace Germany.
    Within the framework of a memorandum commissioned by Greenpeace Germany, Hamburg the Öko-Institut e.V. (Institute for Applied Ecology) examined wether the planned underground nuclear tests at Moruroa would violate provisions in the Euratom-Treaty. On that basis the Institute also examined the possibility for legal action before the European Court of Justice.
    The inquiry into the various legal issues surrounding the tests and their compatibility with the Euratom-Treaty has revealed that France would actually act in violation of a number of Treaty obligations arising under the Euratom´s health and safety provisions.
    The report (PDF, 3,94 MB)