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Reducing hazardous substances in municipalities through public procurement

Katja Kontturi, Hannamaria Yliruusi and Martyn Futter

elni Review 2017, Issue 2, pp. 60-62.

Municipal public procurement is one way of reducing the environmental load of hazardous substances. Turku University of Applies Sciences studied what is the status quo in the NonHazCity partner municipalities with regards to sustainable public procurement and how hazardous substances are considered in tenders. This paper presents results from interviews conducted with representatives of Gdańsk, Kaunas, Pärnu, Riga, Šilalė, Turku, Västerås, and Stockholm. Interviews were performed between April and June 2017 and any description of regulations is based on reports from interviewees. Interviewees were persons dealing with public procurement – procurement and environmental experts and in Stockholm personnel with special expertise in chemicals.

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