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Towards a Green Energy Transition: REPowerEU Directive vs Environmental Acquis?

Jerzy Jendrośka and Alina Anapyanova

elni Review 2023, pp. 1-5.

The article provides a brief overview and assessment of the proposed measures against the respective political and legal background. It shows that the proposed measures, while generally guided by legitimate objectives, were not properly balanced with the other EU environmental policies. In this context it claims lack of a profound debate regarding the scope and means for such balancing and considers this as a fundamental issue to be addressed before submitting any concrete measures. It then compares the proposed measures with some of the official proclamations in the Europesan Green Deal and shows issues of concern in relation to some of the concrete proposed measures. Finally, it assesses some of the proposed measures as being not controversial and presents proposals for other possible measures to be used for the purpose. The article is based on a presentation given 24th November 2022 in the context of the annual general meeting of the Environmental Law Network International.

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