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State of the acquis communautaire in environmental matters in Ukraine: waste management

Gerhard Roller and Tetiana Tevkun

elni Review 2022, pp. 45-50.

The article looks at the legislative efforts that have been taken to adapt waste legislation in Ukraine to European requirements. Despite the difficult situation due to the military aggression Ukraine Parliament has on June 20, 2022 adopted in second reading a new waste law. The law complies with both the Association Agreement and the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD). Certain points go beyond what is required by the WFD. The law provides for strict liability for the owner of the land on which abandoned waste has been identified. The Law also defines technical requirements for incineration and co-incineration. In this respect, the draft already complies with the provisions of the EU Industrial Emissions Directive. The law also addresses the problem of transboundary movement of waste, although this issue is not a part of the Association Agreement or the WFD. The import of waste for disposal is prohibited. Also basic requirements of the EU Landfill Directive are covered. The evaluation of the Waste Management Law shows that Ukraine is on a good path to fulfil EU requirements.

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