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Glyphosate & Co: Approval process and review tools under Aarhus

As farmer protests grew across Europe, on 28 November 2023, the European Commission renewed the approval for the pesticide glyphosate under Regulation EC 1107/2009: another 10 years of use of the notorious active ingredient for plant protection products. Many civil society organisations have challenged this decision, including a consortium of six NGOs led by PAN Europe.

After thoroughly investigating the glyphosate re-approval process and identifying several critical flaws, the NGOs submitted a request to the Commission for an internal review.In the elni webinar series, we will discuss current legal challenges in the implementation of Regulation EC 1107/2009 with Martin Dermine, Executive Director of PAN Europe, and Antoine Bailleux, lawyer and legal scholar.

elni webinar: Glyphosate & Co - Approval process and review tools under Aarhus

When: 26. March, 16:30 - 17:30

Where: Online (free)

How to register: Send a quick e-mail to