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elni Publications

Environmental Law and Policy at the Turn to the 21st Century

Liber amicorum for Betty Gebers

Although this book is being published a few years after the start of the new century, current environmental law in Europe has essentially been made in the last 20 years, and current environmental policy is still based on the pathways paved out in this period of time. One of the actors in this process was Betty Gebers, who was an environmental lawyer for NGOs until her premature death in September 2004. Her life achievements as well as the current state of affairs in the fields in which she was active will be examined in the following articles. The combination of retrospective and present-day analysis also forms the basis of projections as to how environmental law and policy in Europe could progress in the next decade(s) of the century.

Lexxion, Berlin 2006 (flyer pdf, 827 KB), (table of contents)


The elni publications series contains 11 volumes on different topics of environmental law:

  • Access to justice in Environmental Matters and the Role of NGOs, de Sadeleer/Roller/Dross, Europa Law Publishing, 2005.
  • Environmental Law Principles in Practice, Sheridan/Lavrysen (eds.), Bruylant, 2002.
  • Voluntary Agreements - The Role of Environmental Agreements, elni (ed.), Cameron May Ltd., London, 1998.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - European and Comparative; Law and Practical Experience, elni (ed.), Cameron May Ltd., London, 1997.
  • Environmental Rights: Law, Litigation and Access to Justice, Deimann / Dyssli (eds.), Cameron May Ltd., London, 1995.
  • Environmental Control of Products and Substances: Legal Concepts in Europe and the United States, Gebers/Jendroska (eds.), Peter Lang, 1994.
  • Dynamic International Regimes: Institutions of International Environmental Governance, Thomas Gehring; Peter Lang, 1994.
  • Environmentally Sound Waste Management? Current Legal Situation and Practical Experience in Europe, Sander/ Küppers (eds.), P. Lang, 1993
  • Licensing Procedures for Industria Plants and the Influence of EC Directives, Gebers/ Robensin (eds.), P. Lang, 1993.
  • Civil Liability for Waste, v. Wilmowsky/Roller, P. Lang, 1992.
  • Participation and Litigation Rights of Environmental Associations in Europe, Führ/ Roller (eds.), P. Lang, 1991.
    Click for a review of the book by Wirth, in Michigan Journal of International Law Vol. 14:465 (1993).