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No. 01/12


  • Daria Ratsiborinskaya, European investment projects in the third countries: LEGALLY GREEN?
  • Natascha Trennepohl, Market-based Mechanisms as Climate Policies: Insights for Brazil
  • Lana Ofak, Public participation in decisions on specific activities in environmental matters in Croatia
  • Brahim Zyani, Nouveautés constitutionnelles, juridiques et de politique générale relatives au Droit de l'Environnement et du Développement Durable dans le Royaume du Maroc


No. 02/12


  • Catherine Ganzleben/ Steffen Foss Hansen, Nanomaterials as priority substances under the Water Framework Directive
  • Ana Barreira, The legal protection of the marine environment: The Marine Strategy Framework Directive and its implementation in Spain
  • Thomas Ormond, Hong Kong Convention and EU Ship Recycling Regulation: Can they change bad industrial practices soon?
  • Sarolta Tripolszky, Water services and why a broad definition under the WFD is needed to ensure the polluter pays principle
  • Marga Robesin, Downsizing our Water Footprint
  • Eckard Rehbinder, The outcome of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio+20”: Some critical comments
  • Peter de Smedt/ Hendrik Schoukens/ Tania Van Laer, Greening the Constitution. The principle of sustainable development anchored in the Belgian Constitution
  • Julian Schenten/ Martin Führ, Law and innovation in the context of nanomaterials: Barriers to sustainable development? Results of an empirical study   
  • Anaïs Berthier, A first success in the long run for better access to justice in the EU: The scope of the administrative review procedure provided under Regulation 1367/2006 invalidated by the General Court