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No. 1/2007

  • Susan Owens: "A balanced appraisal? Impact Assessment of European Commission proposals"
  • Ekkehard Hofmann: "The New European Regulatory Impact Assessment - In Theory and Practice"
  • Pavel Černý, Jerzy Jendrośka: "Transposition and Implementation of EIA Directive in some EU Member States (with special emphasis on transport infrastructure cases)"
  • Nils Bedke, Jaqui Dopfer, Simone Kellert, Detlef Kober: "Evaluation of the German Act on Environmental Impact Assessment"
  • Florence Coroner: "Member States missing the opportunity to implement ‘polluter pays’ principle"
  • Uwe Lahl: "REACH — Assessment of the political agreement"
  • Gerhard Roller: "Amended Comitology Decision strengthens Position of European Parliament"


No. 2/2007

  • Ralph Hallo: "The Aarhus Convention in operation: EEB Survey Initial Results"
  • Prof. Dr. Luc Lavrysen: "Presentation of Aarhus-related cases of the Belgian Constitutional Court"
  • Thomas Alge, Dieter Altenburger: "Highest Austrian court abolishes EIA permit - but EIA appeal proceeding with regard to transport projects ap-pears ineffective"
  • Dora Schaffrin and Michael Mehling: "Public Interest Litigation in Environmental Matters: A German Perspective"
  • Irina Zodrow LL.M and Cathrin Zengerling LL.M.:
    "Opening the Doors to Justice - The Challenge of Strengthening Public Access"
  • Christoph Holtwisch: "Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate: Blockade or Impetus for the International Climate Regime?"
  • Carlos da Silva Campos: "Waste, Product and By-product in EU Waste Law"
  • Pavel Černý: "elni Members and Networks: J&E - More than just an NGO"


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