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No. 01/08




No. 02/08

  • Marga Robesin: "From IPPC to IED: Health and environment in Europe need a stronger Directive"
  • Jan De Mulder: "Belgian environmental impact assessment systems: Legal frameworks and beyond"
  • Kilian Bizer, Jaqui Dopfer, Martin Führ: "Evaluation of the Federal German Act on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Act)"
  • Luc Lavrysen: "Application of European Environmental Law by National Courts"
  • Sebastian Tusch: "Enforcement of European environmental law:
    The European Parliament comments on the Commission’s report"
  • Iulia Trombitcaia: "Public participation in joint bodies for transboundary water cooperation: A new development by the Plenipotentiaries of Moldova and Ukraine"
  • Franz Fiala et al.: "Stakeholder representation in international environmental standardisation: Joint Communiqué by ANEC, ECOS, and the Pacific Institute"
  • James K. Boyce, Michael Ash: "The Toxic 100: Ranking Corporate Air Polluters in the United States"

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