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No. 01/11

No. 02/11

  • Ruth Tippe / Christoph Then, Patents on melon, broccoli and ham?
  • Edson Paula de Souza, Biopatents in Brazil
  • Susette Biber-Klemm / Michelangelo Temmerman, Rights to Animal Genetic Ressources- basic facts and debates
  • Sandra Aline Nascimento da Nóbrega, Access to environmental information in Brazil: A comparative analysis of the Aarhus Convention with Brazilian Legislation
  • Eva Julia Lohse, Unrestricted access to justice for environmental NGOs? The decision of the ECJ on the non-conformity of § 2(1) Umweltrechtsbehelfsgesetz with Directive 2003/35 on access to justice in environmental law and the Aarhus Convention (Case C-115/09)”
  • Hendrik Schoukens, Temporary nature: Is European nature conservation law ready for it?
  • Ralf Lottes, The Commission proposal for legislative review of the European Standardisation Policy - What’s in it for civil society?