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No 1/2016

  • Lorenzo Squintani, "Better Regulation" with "Make it Work": An assessment of the Make it Work's Drafting Principles on Compliance Assurance
  • Alexandra Aragao, Environmental modernization and administrative simplification in Portugal
  • Eckard Rehbinder, The Non-Regression Principle under EU and German Water Law "on the Ground"
  • Franziska Heß, Martin Führ, Evidence based legislation? Adequate protection of EU citizens against aircraft noise
  • Franz Fiala, Michaela Vuerich (ANEC), Statement on the Circular Economy concept

No 2/2016

  • Delphine Misonne, Exploring CETA's Relation to Environment Law
  • Laurens Ankersmit, Belgium Requests an Opinion on Investment Court System in CETA
  • Wybe Th. Douma, Sustainability and Precautionary Aspects of CETA Dissected
  • Ludwig Krämer, The Volkswagen Scandal - Air Pollution and Administrative Inertia
  • Thirza Moolenaar, Sandra Nobrega, Access to Justice: Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations According to the Aarhus Regulation