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No. 01/09

  • Paola Brambilla: “Environmental penalties in Italy”
  • Thomas Ormond: “Enforcing EU environmental law outside Europe? The case of ship dismantling”
  • Armelle Gouritin, Paul De Hert: “Directive 2008/99/EC of 19 November 2008 on the protection of the environment through criminal law: A new start for criminal law in the European Community?”
  • Michael Riess, Ralf Lottes: “Development of harmonised European standards for measuring emissions from construction products in CEN from the perspective of environmental organisations”
  • Stefanie Merenyi, Martin Führ, Kathleen Ordnung: “Regulation of nanomaterials under present and future Chemicals legislation - Analysis and regulative options”
  • Eugene A. Wystorobets: “Principle of public participation in environmental law of the Russian Federation”
  • Michael Zschiesche and Duong Thanh An: “A survey of the Vietnamese environmental legislation on water”

No. 02/09

  • Marta Ballesteros: “EU Enforcement Policy of Community Environmental law as presented in the Commission Communication on implementing European Community Environmental law”
  • Julien Bétaille: “The direct effect of the Aarhus Convention as seen by the French ‘Conseil d’Etat’”
  • Pavel Cerný: “Practical application of Article 9 of the Aarhus Convention in EU countries: Some comparative remarks”
  • Christian Schaible: “Current discussions on the proposal for an Industrial Emissions Directive: Stronger role for Best Available Techniques?”
  • Lesley James: “Aberthaw Power Station: An IPPC case study”
  • Michael Benske: “Why patents are crucial for the access of developing countries to Environmentally Sound Technologies”