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No. 01/10

  • Ludwig Krämer, Remarks on the Waste Framework Directive
  • Martin Streicher-Porte, Katharina Kummer, Xinwen Chi et al., Chinese e-waste legislation, current status and future development
  • Thomas Ormond, The EU Waste Shipment Regulation
  • Chris W. Backes, Sander Jansen, Quality and Speed of Administrative Decision-Making Proceeding: Tension or Balance?
  • Gerhard Roller, Locus standi for environmental NGOs in Germany: The (non)implementation of the Aarhus Convention by the ‘Umweltrechtsbehelfsgesetz’


No. 02/10

  • Richard Gutierrez, ‘New Age’ Trade Agreements and their Possible Contribution to Toxic Trade
  • Rike U. Krämer, WTO Compatibility of Border Tax Adjustments as a Means for Promoting Environmental Protection
  • Aírton Guilherme Berger Filho, Intellectual Property Rights, Genetical Resources and Traditional Knowledge: An Approach from the Perspective of Megadiverse Countries
  • Jimena Murillo Chávarro, Frank Maes, The Legal Nature of the Biodiversity Provisions adopted by the Andean Community
  • Claire Dupont, Gretta Goldenman, Convergence with the Water Framework Directive in the Context of the European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Stefan Scheuer, The Phase-Out of Hazardous Substances in Troubled Waters
  • Hanna D. Tolsma, Integrated Environmental Permitting